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Why us

We believe in the importance of allowing parents to make informed decision regarding their birth and early parenting.

As Antenatal Educators it is our responsibility to ensure that clients receive up-to-date, non-biased practical information. We believe passionately that all parents regardless of age, race, sex, sexual orientation or class are entitled to positive antenatal and postnatal experiences.

We are proud to offer our 6 week Antenatal Course in Northwood, Stanmore, Pinner, St Albans, Harpenden, Borehamwood & Finchley.

How are we different to other antenatal courses?

  1. We run a baby first aid course which is included in the price which takes place on a Thursday evening slot normally (around 7.30-9.30pm). You do not need to pay extra for this. The course is fun by Daisy First Aid and covers newborn to 1 years old. Its an excellent course for expectant parents. 
  2. Balanced Course – so we cover all types of births, vaginal, induction, Caesareans and feeding wise we do both bottle feeding and breast feeding. Our breast feeding is taken by a Lactation Consultant (one of the best in our area) and she is able to provide very good support pre and post birth if you are keen to breastfeed.
  3. Medical Help (and lack of support) – having had my own baby in lockdown I can give you lots of practical tips on how to manage the first month on very little postnatal support from the NHS. 
  4. Our Dad’s session is run by a new dad who focuses on how to be an effective birth partner and focuses on the dads role in he first three months. It is a very good session which has received some amazing feedback from the couples.

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